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A little bit about me...

This was fun, but a little embarrassing.  

For the record, they told us we were doing this for a full minute...

     While I have been active in sports most of my life (I played softball and volleyball, ran cross-country, and competed in speed skating while in high school), weight control was an issue off and on through and after college.  
     After getting married and having kids in the late 1990s, I found it difficult to make the time for fitness.   The only time I could carve out for a good long workout was in the wee hours of the morning, thus a hard core AM boot camp was a perfect fit for me.  In 2001 I joined the Downtown Oakland YMCA program, participating for several years perfecting my push-ups and morphing into one of the co-leaders in 2005.  
     In 2012, I quit my job as a partner in a transportation consulting firm to have more time with my family and to teach more fitness classes.  Throughout it all, I've loved doing 5 & 10Ks, half and full marathons, long bike rides, and sprint to half-iron triathlons. My favorite races usually include buddies, mud and obstacles.
     In support of these fitness goals, I spend time in the weight room trying to improve my strength and agility, do a variety of cardio drills, and design exercise plans (and play DJ) for my fitness classes and personal training sessions.  I heartily believe that you should enjoy your workouts, be challenged, and get sore, yet look forward to the next one.